10 Quick Tips for Becoming a Successful Woman Entrepreneur

Guest post by Ajaero Tony Martins (learn more about Ajaero at the end of this article)

One of my sources of motivation is to see women entrepreneurs taking giant strides in business; and giving the men a run for the money. Are you a woman entrepreneur? Do you like to be taught how to start a business and build an empire out of it? Do you intend to be a successful woman entrepreneur? Then read on as I reveal some no-nonsense tips for becoming a successful woman entrepreneur.

What does it require to be a successful woman entrepreneur?

This is the question I get repeatedly from female entrepreneurs and protégés. These female protégés of mine are eager about starting a business; they are ready for the entrepreneurial challenges ahead but they want to be sure of getting a level playing field in the business world (a field dominated by men).

Well, with respect to the question above; I want to make it clear that it requires nothing special to become a success entrepreneur. Regardless of age, gender, race, nationality or religion; the rules for success in business remains the same.

So in this article, I will list some strategies you can implement as a woman to create a successful business. The tips I will share with you have been tested and proven by entrepreneurs such as Anita Roddick, Debbi Fields, Jenny Craig, Arianna Huffington, Oprah Winfrey, Coco Chanel, Estee Lauder, Mary Kay Ash, etc. So if growing into a successful woman is your main concern; if developing a successful business is your aim, then read on.

10 Quick Tips for Becoming a Successful Woman Entrepreneur

1. Have faith in yourself

The basic recipe to success in business is self belief and women are logically known for underrating their capability. To succeed in business, you ought to have faith in yourself. This is very crucial because no one will put faith in you and your product or services if you don’t first have faith in yourself. No investor will invest with you if you are not self confident; and your staff will not function at full capacity because you do not possess the skills to motivate them. In fact, without self confidence; no amount of sweat equity invested on your business will produce good results. So work on increasing your self confidence today; imbibe the perception that you have what the world wants and it will be so.

2. Create a firm but clear mission

Why do you aspire to start your own business? This question may seem unimportant but it is an untold criterion that decides if you will succeed or fail as an entrepreneur. Consider the world’s most successful women entrepreneurs and you will notice that they have a firm reason for venturing into business and that reason gave birth to their mission. Once again I ask: what is your reason for starting a business? I believe I can’t answer this question for you but what I need you to know is that creating a business that will endure the ups and downs of the market begins with the mission.

3. Change your perception

Success in business depends on the thinking pattern with which you launched your business. To be a success woman entrepreneur, you need to develop the right attitude. You must stop seeing yourself as a weaker sex. You must possess the attitude to handle whatever comes your way. Success will never come on a platter of gold just because you are a woman. You need to stick your neck out for it even if it means leaving your comfort zone.

4. Embrace failure

The rules of success can never be avoided; whether you are male or female. This means that to become a success, you must be prepared to fail. Business is a risk but its reward is worth the risk. I have noticed that the most successful women are those who proceeded without minding if they failed. So if you are to be among the few that make things happen; then you need to embrace failure as part of the route of success.

5. Start your own business

Yes, this is in fact the thin line that separates’ the famous women of enterprise from others. Most women fantasize about being the next Oprah Winfrey, Mary Kay or Coco Chanel but only few will attempt to take action. You can never be a successful woman entrepreneur by merely day dreaming, you have to make a move and start something. Quit sitting on your ideas; don’t allow the absence of resources stop you. Take the step of faith and begin with what you have, you will find the rest tools you need along the way.

6. Acquire the needed business skills

Some entrepreneurs were born great; others made themselves great through hard work. If a business empire wasn’t given to you by your family; then you need to build yours and to accomplish that, you need to acquire the needed entrepreneurial skills. What do you do at your leisure time? The answer to this question may decide if you will excel or not. Instead of shopping or playing around at your leisure time, why not attend a seminar or read a business book. You can’t tell the circumstance you may face tomorrow and the knowledge you acquired in your spare time may be a life saver.

7. Know your business to the core

How much do you know your business? Are you operating a business you are passionate about? Or you ventured into an industry for the money? Regardless of the nature of business you are in; ensure you know the fundamentals of it. Never venture into an industry because of the success stories you were told. If things don’t go your way; your zeal may fizzle out and once that occurs; your business is as good as dead.

8. Use your time wisely

One of the problems women entrepreneurs face is time constraint. Women are typically short of time because of the various responsibilities they face. Women entrepreneurs must pay attention to their business needs while still raising a family and taking care of their personal needs. I mean it’s quite tedious. If you are to surmount this obstacle and become successful, then you must learn the art of delegation.

9. Take care of your customers

From personal experience, I know that women take care of their customers more than their male counterpart. Never forget that the customer is your purpose of being in business. No woman ever became successful in business without her customers. So don’t neglect on your customers.

10. Stay true to the process

Of all the tips shared here; staying true to the process is the most important. Statistics reveal that 90% of all businesses flop in their first ten years. This is because not all who started business possess the will to stay true to the process. The entrepreneurial process of building a business is not an easy one; you will have to go from one challenge to another without losing your enthusiasm. If you can do this, you will end up a successful woman.

In conclusion, I want make it clear that building a profitable business is not an overnight venture; it’s a process that needs commitment. If you can persist and surmount challenges as they arise, you will hit the pot of gold.

About the Author

Ajaero Tony Martins is a serial entrepreneur and investor with a passion for teaching people how to start a business. He spends his free time reviewing and researching on the best small business ideas.


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    I felt fear of failure is where many women’s feel and this is hindrance to become entrepreneurs…. Good article which talks about personal attitude side instead of money…