4 Trending Jobs in the Digital Landscape

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Shuffling along, a can of Coke in one hand and a packet of greasy chips in the other, the slob-like character returns to his lair. Say hello to your outdated and irrelevant IT employee stereotype. These days, the digital world is home to professional, trendy, creative, quirky and hard-working individuals who are all taking advantage of increasingly technological societies.

Are you interested in taking the plunge? If so, read on and discover which five jobs are currently in demand.

1. App Developers

Whether you need to instant message a friend in Botswana, create a shopping list or identify a catchy song, apps are there to make your life that much easier. In fact, can you even imagine a world in which they didn’t exist? Where did this explosion come from? With the advent of smartphones, the way we looked at our phones completely changed. No longer were they just a means of communication. Then came the wave of success enjoyed by apps such as Angry Birds, Instagram, Whatsapp and Candy Crush. Aspiring app developers and companies were inspired and encouraged to trial their own ideas in the hope they would prove popular with users. This trend looks to continue in 2014, meaning that talented app developers will always be sought out.

2. SEO Specialists

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These are the three words that have transformed the digital world as more and more companies turn to e-commerce. Broadly, SEO refers to the techniques that can be used to improve or optimize a website’s visibility in terms of search engines. Why is this important? The answer is an increase in online shopping and the reliance on the internet for information. Companies simply cannot afford to miss out on the large proportion of customers who either make purchases or search for store information online. The difference, therefore, between appearing on the first and fifth page of Google’s search results is extremely crucial. It seems highly unlikely that the internet will break, so it’s fair to say that SEO is here to stay.

3. Content Writers

It’s not just digital-savvy individuals who are benefiting from the rise of technology. Whereas it was once extremely difficult to become a paid, professional writer, the popularity of blogging and company websites has meant that thousands of new jobs have been created for wordsmiths globally. Many SEO agencies and digital agencies often have their own content departments and utilise a mixture of permanent, internal employees and external freelance staff. A contracting position is ideal for those seeking a flexible working schedule and the ability to pursue their passion.

4. Social Media Managers

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have heard of this little thing called social media. What initially started as a way to keep in touch with friends has fast become recognized as an effective advertising and marketing tool for businesses. As a result, social media experts are employed to look after the time-consuming job of networking, generating interest and subtly advertising products and services on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Since the social media bandwagon does not appear to be breaking down in 2014, you could soon be getting paid to post, tweet and pin.

So what do you think? Does your future career lie in the digital world? Share your comments in the box below.

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    It is not that surprising that app developers are making it big right now. With so many people using mobile gadgets nowadays, there is also a need for a brand to reach the market through mobile. The best way to do this is though apps.