Affiliate Marketing for Events – How Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing is often billed as one of the top online marketing programs for small businesses.

Why Is Affiliate Marketing Great for Small Businesses?

There is just no risk when it comes to affiliate marketing. The whole burden of advertising, sales, and promotion is placed on the shoulders of the affiliates. You only pay money when the results come in.

With an affiliate marketing program, you make a commitment to pay the affiliates a referral fee for every sale or lead that you get. The terms are up to you.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Help Event Promoters?

Event promoters, organizers, and operators can turn their attendees into a powerful sales force that drives more attendees to the event. After all, these are going to be the best people to be signing up attendees anyway. Since they’re already interested in the event, they probably have a close network of colleagues and friends that are interested in it, too.

Turn attendees into great promoters by giving them a way to track their online attendee sign-ups. Offer event attendees the chance to use unique tracking links to bring in more attendees. Special unique tracking links are embedded with cookies, and those cookies are used to track sales, even if the potential attendee comes back months later and registers (again, depending on how you set up your affiliate marketing program).

When you give out unique tracking links, it will log sign-ups for each attendee, and you will be able to see who has been the most productive one in bringing in sales. You can do whatever you want with the results of the affiliates’ success records, such as offering prizes or rewards.

What do you think? Do you use affiliates marketing for your events?

Silvia Pellegrini

Silvia Pellegrini is an entrepreneur, event consultant, author, mentor, event manager, founder and managing director of Silvia Pellegrini Consultancy ( SP Consultancy is located in the heart of London, yet her consultancy and event planning enjoys an international reputation.

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  1. says

    I am not sure if I am write but Silvia please feel free to correct me. The selling power of people attending events is one of the ways that organizers raise funds for hosting the actual event. I don’t know if it’s considered an affiliate program if business offer you their products and presentation materials and the event planners take care of promoting that company and their products.

  2. says

    Hello Alexandra and thank you for your message. How I see it is: I would consider a remuneration anything from money to products and services. So if someone works to sell ‘seats’ or tickets in exchange of a remuneration, and they get that remuneration once the seat or ticket is sold, I would consider that an affiliate working for an event planner/organiser/host. What do you think?