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Mixing “social” with “business?”  Is that rather like the division of church and state?  Not really.  But you’d think so when you see the proliferation of articles, everywhere, about what to do and what not to do when it comes to utilizing Social Media and your business.  What’s a girl to do? This year of [...]

A dream for a small business might be as simple as a sidewalk flower shop.  Or you have an idea for a cozy four-table breakfast shop.  Maybe your dream is to start up a concierge bookkeeping service.  No matter what the business is, it began with a dream. As a writer, I’ve been absent from [...]

I returned recently from a 10-day vacation.  For me ten days is a good length of time.  One day was “get there” day and one day was “go home” day…that left eight days for vacation.  That was enough days to have some solitary beach time, some shopping and “do lunch” time and sightseeing.  While resting [...]

News of yet another possible meltdown on Wall Street in the U.S. is enough to make me yell ‘oh my gosh!’  And ask the question: why can’t businesses realize that transparency is the preferred dressing and not opacity? In the art world, where I live some of my time, there is an easy test for [...]

Semantics can be defined as the study of meanings, or the science and study of meaning in language.  I think there is importance to paying attention to the meanings of words and how that applies to our businesses and how we see our businesses. Here’s an exercise in semantics.  Ask yourself: do you work for [...]

I was asked recently about SEO and its importance for my home-based business.  SEO?  Is Search Engine Optimization important for my business?  To be honest I’m not really sure.   I think SMO is more valuable. What is SMO? It’s Social Media Optimization.  And for my home-based business I’m much more interested in the ROI [...]

I envy those people to whom numbers come naturally.  In elementary school, arithmetic was not my strong subject and to this day I can’t figure out how I got an “A” in my high school algebra class.  My mother, however, was a genius with numbers – she had a successful home business offering bookkeeping and [...]

Ever heard the phrases, “standing on principle” or, “following principles,” or “adhering to principles?”  Have you considered that how you run your business is based on your idea of  business principles?  And have you considered that you are the architect of the principles upon which your business is built? Most businesses of more than 10 [...]

Are you committed to your business?  That’s an obvious “yes” or you wouldn’t put out the welcome mat each morning.  What is your business committed to?  This is a different question.  Is your business committed to fulfilling your initial start-up vision?  Is your business committed to fulfilling a perceived need?  Is your business committed to [...]

I’ve never been one to rush into new technology…probably my age or the fact that too much technology requires thinking logically.  I’m an artist and by nature thinking analytically and logically isn’t my default.  So I must report that I’m new to the iPod.  What I have is the iPod Nano, a purple one, and [...]