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Pamela Redmond Satran’s poem, “Every Woman Should Have…” (widely miscredited to May Angelou), has been circulating on the internet for nearly a decade.  Though most of us have seen it at least a few times, the original poem is still great- inspirational, practical, and empowering, providing everyday wisdom for women of all ages.  With the [...]

What would it take for you to lead your business to $1m in earnings?  According to one program for women entrepreneurs, a little healthy competition goes a long way.  Nonprofit organization Count Me In provides everything a new business would need- from mentorship to microloans- as part of the Make Mine a Million $ Business [...]

Postage is one of those necessary expenses that most of us don’t think deserves a second thought.  The cost of postage is fixed, and it’s really not that inconvenient to have to run to the Post Office or UPS store to get a package out the door on time, right?  Well, not exactly.  Most business [...]

Most people are probably familiar with retail POS systems- you know, those touch-screens servers use at restaurants to input order information, or the scanning system used by the checker at the grocery store.  Using a POS system is a great way to track sales and manage resources.  For example, gyms can use POS to schedule [...]

What do you really need to start a business?  Most top 3 lists look something like this: 1. A business loan 2. A business plan 3. A detailed business model or structure According to Jazzercise founder and current CEO Judi Sheppard Missett, her incredibly successful business didn’t require any of these to get off the [...]

Business contests are a great way to get needed visibility for a new start up, gain recognition for your hard work, or even win cash and prizes.  Business contests target companies and entrepreneurs in all shapes and forms- there are contests for large businesses, start-up ideas, and women entrepreneurs. Spring is the prime contest season- [...]

One of the most often overlooked cost savings for small businesses is actually pretty simple process: switching to a VoIP or internet-based phone system.  Switching is easy, fast, and can save your business thousands of dollars a month on phone-related costs.  Over 86% of business owners rate their satisfaction level with their service as “very [...]

As tax day passed this week, many business owners no doubt found themselves scrambling for misplaced records, forms, and documents at the last minute.  Not only can an electronic document storage system can cut your tax preparation time and ensure a more accurate filing, it can also help you save big on supply costs and [...]

One of the first rules for survival in the Wild West also applies to business- resourcefulness, or making the best use of what you’ve got- is one of the best ways to make sure you survive tough times.  With loan default rates higher than they’ve been in quite a while, traditional financing is becoming harder [...]

Did you know that there’s a big correlation between swimsuit season and credit card use?  Yep, it’s official- when people are on a diet, they make more impulse purchases.  Restrictive thinking of all kinds, whether it’s adhering to a diet, a budget, or a new years resolution, has been proven to lead to increased spending.  [...]