Every Woman Entrepreneur Should Have…

Pamela Redmond Satran’s poem, “Every Woman Should Have…” (widely miscredited to May Angelou), has been circulating on the internet for nearly a decade.  Though most of us have seen it at least a few times, the original poem is still great- inspirational, practical, and empowering, providing everyday wisdom for women of all ages.  With the highest respect to Ms. Redmond Satran, … [Read more...]

Ready, Set, Revenue

What would it take for you to lead your business to $1m in earnings?  According to one program for women entrepreneurs, a little healthy competition goes a long way.  Nonprofit organization Count Me In provides everything a new business would need- from mentorship to microloans- as part of the Make Mine a Million $ Business M3 Race.   … [Read more...]

Wait a Minute Mr. Postman…

Postage is one of those necessary expenses that most of us don’t think deserves a second thought.  The cost of postage is fixed, and it’s really not that inconvenient to have to run to the Post Office or UPS store to get a package out the door on time, right?  Well, not exactly.  Most business owners would be surprised to find out how much money they waste “rounding up” by … [Read more...]

Should you consider a POS system?

Most people are probably familiar with retail POS systems- you know, those touch-screens servers use at restaurants to input order information, or the scanning system used by the checker at the grocery store.  Using a POS system is a great way to track sales and manage resources.  For example, gyms can use POS to schedule training appointments and classes, allowing customers to … [Read more...]

No business loan, no blueprint: How Jazzercise became a multi-million dollar business by staying true to core values

What do you really need to start a business?  Most top 3 lists look something like this: 1. A business loan 2. A business plan 3. A detailed business model or structure According to Jazzercise founder and current CEO Judi Sheppard Missett, her incredibly successful business didn’t require any of these to get off the ground.  I recently had the chance to talk with … [Read more...]

Spring Business Contests

Business contests are a great way to get needed visibility for a new start up, gain recognition for your hard work, or even win cash and prizes.  Business contests target companies and entrepreneurs in all shapes and forms- there are contests for large businesses, start-up ideas, and women entrepreneurs. Spring is the prime contest season- most applications are due by the … [Read more...]

Easy Cost Savings for Small Businesses

One of the most often overlooked cost savings for small businesses is actually pretty simple process: switching to a VoIP or internet-based phone system.  Switching is easy, fast, and can save your business thousands of dollars a month on phone-related costs.  Over 86% of business owners rate their satisfaction level with their service as “very high,” according to one recent … [Read more...]