Happy Women Work From Home

Today’s women can work at home and still hold an executive position and even make millions from sitting behind a lap top computer.

In fact… you can be extremely HAPPY working from home because you don’t have to get dressed up, fight traffic and you can work out whenever you want to.

Just schedule it!

The internet allows us to have freedom to raise our children, have more time, and live the life we want.  The good news is that you don’t even need to be techie these days.

There is a big craze happening all across America with women in the work force and creating a new business style of working online.  I call it a socially conscious online career.

As a woman’s entrepreneur coach,  I’m seeing a high level of HEART entering the business world online.  Women are taking a stand in their lives by wanting to do what they love while making a lot of money while doing it.

Some of the ways that I’m seeing this trend happen is with women are taking their intuition skills, life experience and focusing them into highly functional and profitable online business.

Look into your life and see what you have been good at all these years.

Pay attention to the experiences that you’ve lived through which help provide guidance to other peoples lives.  You can transfer your history into a real business.  In fact, there are people who are looking to learn from your life lessons and will pay you big bucks to do so.

Add a few internet skills to your experience, set up blog that cost less then $200 and get moving.   Women are finding it easier than ever to make a great living online.  Because the internet is about building relationships as a woman you do that naturally.  It’s not about HARD core sales or quick fixes.

The business women that knock it out of the park show their personality online and gather into groups of other women doing business online and before they know it they have a business.

If you’ve always wanted to be a business woman but haven’t known how; you might want to get help but it’s like anything else, once you start it gets easier.  You do not have to be an internet guru or even techie to make a great life for yourself.

Mastering your mind to be an entrepreneur is probably the hardest skill you’ll ever have to learn.  Being positive and determined is a good characteristic of a CEO however the most critical is WANTING it bad enough.  In fact, if you’re ONLY focused on making money and not on the service you provide will probably failed miserably.

Become friends with money and it will grow. Do what you love and never give up.  It’s always when you want to quit when the BIG win happens.

Shanda Sumpter

Shanda Sumpter is the founder and Queen Visionary of HeartCore Women, “The #1 resource for women to do what they love, make more money, and live the life they want.” She provides valuable teaching skills aimed at transforming women’s financial lives. For the past few years, Shanda has created opportunities for women business owners and enlightened female entrepreneurs both individually through coaching and by creating ‘sisterhood’ networks online. With a passion for women’s interests and issues, she is a highly sought after speaker for companies, events, and organizations around the world.

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