Making Room For Silence

Within each of us there is a silence-a silence as vast as the universe.  We are afraid of it and we long for it……Can we recognize that now and then there comes an inner sense, a fleeting thought, a little yearning to live our lives differently?

Gunilla Norris, Inviting Silence

These two quotes are from one of the most compelling resource books I have ever read.  This book has been very valuable in my own journey as well as the journey of so many women I coach and work with.  One of the most challenging aspects of being a woman in business is the lack of personal time which often translates into a lack of time with ones self. To truly appreciate your current reality and to plan your future dreams and aspirations , silence is a necessary ingredient.  Silence is a commodity that is very hard to come by for most women, but worth the investment.  One of the very best advisors you can tap into is yourself.  However , in order to hear yourself speak, you need to create some stillness in your life.

Committing to spend quality time alone is easier then we think if we make it a priority. Even with a very full work, travel and family schedule I have seen women get serious about connection and making personal time a priority.  Simple practices such as a once a month alone lunch, regular journal time, meditation, daily solitary walking, retreats, creating a sanctuary space, creative hobby time such as painting or pottery are all examples of the ways in which women have made quiet time a priority in their lives. At first the thought of sitting and doing “nothing” or doing one thing at a time while engaging in deep thought may seem silly or may fill you with anxiety.  This is one of those life practices that proves its tremendous worth in regular repetition.  Moving forward is as easy as promising yourself you will make an investment.  If this is very hard for you, start with five minutes a day. The reality is we can do almost anything for five minutes a day.  Invest in yourself for thirty days and reflect on how you feel.  Pay attention to the clarity of your thinking. This one simple practice can change your life.

Mary L. Bennett

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