Bethenny Frankel, Best Books on Start-ups, and 7 Leadership Attributes

What Can We Learn From Bethenny Frankel on Business?

Bethenny Frankel is known as a reality star of Real Housewives of NYC, during that time Frankel started Skinnygirl cocktail.  Which was sold for a reported $120 million. It was subsequently pulled from Whole Food Market shelves in August 2011 after it was discovered not to meet Whole Food’s quality standards due to preservatives in the product, contrary to its advertisement which stated “no preservatives.  So how did Frankel bounce back from failure to success? This is what she said about her work ethic.  “You treat very job as if it’s the most important job, and you will end up where I have ended up”. Read more on this article.

Here’s The Best Books on Start-ups

Many people are searching for ways to either supplement their income or start a business.  We all know that the economy is not at it’s best and in these times most people start to create businesses. With companies not hiring, and people searching for more flexible options this is the time start a business..  Here is a partial list of books that are out there to help you create your own start-up. Read the full list.

  1. “Escape From Cubicle Nation” by Pamela Slim
  2. “It’s Your Biz: The Complete Guide to Becoming Your Own Boss” by Susan Wilson Solovic, Ellen R. Kadin, Edie Weiner
  3. “Million Dollar Consulting” by Alan Weiss

Seven Attributes to Show You’re Leader

Did you know that we were all born to be leaders? Researchers tell us that we have seven brain attributes for effective management.  It really depends on us, and how much we would like to accomplish.  What I find interesting is that every leader naturally takes advantage of to a greater or lesser extent, and finds they’re effective to a greater or lesser extent depending on the traits of the individuals they interact with. Read more on this article.

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