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How do you put on a green event? The event may have nothing to do with the green movement, and it usually doesn’t, but going green for any event is a good idea. Plus, it can make your event seem trendy, hip, and environmentally conscious, which gives your cause or event a little more credibility, or even a more positive image.

Let’s look at some sustainable and useful tips for setting up environmentally friendly events.

Forego the bottles of water and go for the cocktail glasses instead.

Bottled water is one of the biggest evils in the green energy movement. While it may not be the primary evil, it is certainly high up on there on the movement’s most wanted list. Bottled water produces a ton of plastic waste each year and keeps creeping into our landfills and oceans. Most of the plastics produced are still in existence because of the slow rate of decay.

Provide cups that are not made out of paper or plastic and pitchers and glasses of water so that sustainability and hydration are maintained at the same time. If there are issues with using tap water, then you can use purifiers.

Get to know farmers and put money in local food.

Put in a little more research to locate the local organic famers in the area where your event will be held because that will improve the product’s quality and will also ensure that the drinks and food being served are sustainable.

Choose venues that are accessible via public transportation.

Often enough, events are set up in venues that aren’t necessarily accessible with public transport. Addressing the issue before it begins requires a little research on the spot – the nearer it is to some kind of public transportation, the better off you are. Hosting events that are set up near to public transportation makes sure that you have a commute that is more sustainable.

What do you do to make your events greener?

Silvia Pellegrini

Silvia Pellegrini is an entrepreneur, event consultant, author, mentor, event manager, founder and managing director of Silvia Pellegrini Consultancy ( SP Consultancy is located in the heart of London, yet her consultancy and event planning enjoys an international reputation.

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