Starbucks, Blogging, and Making a Difference

Have you ever tried blogging at Starbucks?  I love it. There is so much juicy content that you find to write about.

  • Across from me right now is the perfect ideal of the corporate woman.  Flawless hair, dressed like a man, and sitting perfectly stiff.  She’s completely organized and the person we need to be running our corporate business models.
  • Over in the corner is the typical wealthy man playing on his PDA!  No socks, his glasses are almost falling off his nose as he reads what he’s typing, and he has perfectly pressed JEANS!

My point is that Starbucks attracts the college kids on up to about every character type of adult.  So what is their secret?  How can they market to so many people and get them to buy their coffee?  Aren’t we supposed to niche out our business to get the biggest return on our EFFORT?

The real truth is that Starbucks does have an ideal client! They create a culture that a certain type of person desires.  Think about it, why would anyone spend $5 on a cup of coffee with sugary syrup in it when they can make it at home for 5 cents?

They do it because they love how they FEEL while being at Starbucks.

This is the same for your buyers.  All too often you see women entrepreneurs pushing their PRODUCT versus the feeling that their product provides for someone.

Have you ever noticed when you walk into a Starbucks that they say HI… they smile, and they get involved in your life as you are buying your coffee.  There are always many people ready to serve you when you walk in the door, and, in all honesty, people come to these coffee shops and sit for hours working on their computers just like I am right now.

  • Before you leave you might buy a coffee, then a bagel, and as you walk out the door load up your coffee gift card to prepay for next time.
  • What can you do to create a loyal customer like STARBUCKS?
  • My advice is to brainstorm what you are doing now. Ask your clients what they would like to see more of from you that would make their lives better.  Think about how you could make them FEEL happier.

For instance, when you shop at BRIGHTON, the jewelry store, they too make you FEEL special when you walk in the door.  Last week I watched my mom spend $200 when we went in there.  What was even more amazing is that they gave us Brighton water… and played with us as we created our mom and daughter charm bracelets.

My point is that they created an experience that made it FUN to give them our money.

When you brainstorm how to love up your clients, think about how you can make them FEEL better when they come into connection with your products.

Good luck, and happy creating!

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Shanda Sumpter

Shanda Sumpter is the founder and Queen Visionary of HeartCore Women, “The #1 resource for women to do what they love, make more money, and live the life they want.” She provides valuable teaching skills aimed at transforming women’s financial lives. For the past few years, Shanda has created opportunities for women business owners and enlightened female entrepreneurs both individually through coaching and by creating ‘sisterhood’ networks online. With a passion for women’s interests and issues, she is a highly sought after speaker for companies, events, and organizations around the world.

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    Wow..this helped me to get back on my focus while serving my customers. I too have ideal type of clientele I would love to have. Your written has remind me to re-think on what to do in my next step. Thank you for that! :)