Stop The Roller Coaster Of Having Money and Then Not Having Money!

Big subject here!  Are you in a roller coaster of having money then not having it?

The good news is that I’ve been there and I can help you.   After many years of struggling financially.

Landing the good job, having a great month, and then not having two pennies to rub together at the end of the year is all too familiar to me.  It’s not a fun place to be, and the truth is that you can change this as your reality if you want to.

What would you say if you could handle that pattern for good and that those days could be over for good?

I’m not talking about being an employee anymore. If that’s where you want to stand, then my best advice to you is to get a good financial planner who loves and cares about you.  In addition, make sure she is also very rich herself before she advises you.

What I am talking about is being a business owner who loves what she is doing! Over the years we’ve put some rules together to help us reach optimal performance while allowing for the space to be feminine.

Rule #1 Only get advice from people you are ALIGNED with and who have the results you want. Good advice doesn’t come cheap unless it’s over a bottle of wine and a fun night out.  The problem is that you can’t build your business that way.  You need steady mentorship, and that doesn’t come cheap.

Here’s what you can do to feel better about paying for good help. Know that it’s your best chance at solving your roadblock faster and with less future stress.  You run the risk of spending more money and having a lot of sleepless nights if you enlist mediocre advice because you think that’s all you can afford.

This is a million-dollar hint, my friend.  Good support doesn’t come cheap because good workers are in high demand.  The better YOU become at what you do, the more people who will want you.  That equates to charging more money because you have to!  How are you going to afford your personal trainer, your employees’ wages, and the vacations you’ll need to decompress from all that work?

The Best = More Money

Rule #2 Get a good CPA.  We use CPA Moms.   Their name is what caught my attention. However, the skill that sits behind that name is outstanding.  These are highly skilled accountants that bill out in a way that supports a small business to grow.

Here’s why you need a good CPA!  Because you want to be connected with your P&L’s: profit and loss statements.  It’s easy to make money, but are you keeping it?

We have our P&L’s sent to us every two weeks so that our team knows if we are on schedule with our sales and marketing or if there is a billing error someplace that needs to be addressed. Either that or our numbers can increase the motivation of our team if it’s being run correctly.

It also allows you to pay your taxes quarterly very easily so at the end of the year you don’t have a huge tax bill! – That’s a Whoohooo on that!

Rule #3 If it scares you, it’s got your BIG money trapped behind your Fear!

We’ve found through massive testing and coaching of women entrepreneurs that we’ve been able to find our clients’ BIGGEST money in the areas that they are most scared to grow into.

Wealth is a personal development game, and most of us could be playing a lot bigger than we are today.

Look at what keeps tugging at you and know that’s where you have to go next.

Are you afraid of public speaking?  Then get a speaking engagement. Are you nervous to sell your services?  Then go have forty sales conversations in the next week. Are you afraid to invest in a new PR agency?  Well, you probably know what I’m going to say . . . start interviewing PR companies and commit to finding the BEST resources to invest!

Rule #4 Never consult money as your leader.

When you are about to invest or spend your money on business activities, put your attention on what is your return on investment (ROI).  As I said before, the BEST people cost the most money, as a rule of thumb. However, it forces you to get clear on what you want.  It forces you to stop meditating and taking EVEN MORE TIME to get ready to be everything you know you can be. It’s a good strategy.

Look for proof that your investment is in someone who wins.  Look at the culture of how the people you hire show up.  Are they on time and ready to get down to business when they meet with you, or are they overly friendly and fluffy?  Are they winning in their own life, or are they scattered and come unglued?

Results-orientated people are focused on you getting ABOVE-average results, and they are also in demand.  They choose you as much as you choose them to work with.  They pride themselves on customer service and quality products, and they all around feel good as people with whom you can trust your financial future.

I hope that these KEY rules help you make the right decisions and ultimately lead to huge success for you and your business!

Shanda Sumpter

Shanda Sumpter is the founder and Queen Visionary of HeartCore Women, “The #1 resource for women to do what they love, make more money, and live the life they want.” She provides valuable teaching skills aimed at transforming women’s financial lives. For the past few years, Shanda has created opportunities for women business owners and enlightened female entrepreneurs both individually through coaching and by creating ‘sisterhood’ networks online. With a passion for women’s interests and issues, she is a highly sought after speaker for companies, events, and organizations around the world.

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