The 5 Friends Every Entrepreneur Needs

We entrepreneurs are an optimistic set; some would even say we have our head in the clouds. Some of us are cautious, some bean counters by nature and some of us are the dreamers. We are the people that can actually visualize the dream happening. With this near foolish optimism, there are 5 friends that every kind of entrepreneur should have.

The Cheerleader

This is the person that never doubted you would make it. Every idea you have, every strategy that you throw their way is the next big thing. They think you are great and they think that your talent is untouchable. Given that every day is a rat race and you’re only as good as your last deal, this friend is a godsend for those days when nothing is going right and you can’t remember why you wanted to do this to yourself.

The Analyzer

You need this person because let’s face it; some of us do not do details. For the big picture entrepreneurs, this person will assess the potential damage and keep them from becoming their biggest enemy. The best part of the analyzer is that believe it or not, this friend helps you make decisions. When you have all the risks and you’ve laid out all the potential scenarios, you are free to make a decision based on knowledge not emotion.  When you’ve invested your entire savings the analyzer sounds like the best friend in the world.

The Bar Pal

This is a good time friend, maybe not your best friend and probably an acquaintance but make no mistake you need them. When you blow your pitch to the biggest company you’ve ever tried to land, when you had the order and then blew it with one word you don’t want people who you can disappoint. You want someone who can sit on the stool next to you and tell you ‘that sucks have a drink and forget about it’. Sometimes it’s so bad you don’t want to talk or dwell on it, you want to think about anything else and that’s what this friend is for.

The Wise Old Soul

Everyone and I mean everyone needs this friend. This is the person that you can say to ‘I have this situation, what does it mean?’ I have several of these in fact, because sometimes you can’t see the situation clearly. You’re too invested and you don’t know how to be anything else. When you can’t see clearly you don’t make decisions  that are in your best interest, these guys help you see the long-term. That is priceless.

The Compass

This is someone who can see you screwing up and call you on it. This is the friend that sees you sitting at the networking event and tells you to move your butt and meet people. We need this friend most of all because as we become successful, people stop telling us the truth and the truth is we’re not always brilliant. Our ideas can use some work and sometimes we won’t admit what we don’t know.  The compass will keep us honest and will help us grow our talent.  Just like a spoiled child, an entrepreneur needs to be told no every once in awhile so we can appreciate what we have built.

There are so many things about being an entrepreneur that don’t come with any instructions and everyone has a different definition of success. Surrounding yourself with a group of stable friends creates the kind of board of directors that will protect your company and you.

Leona Charles

Leona Charles began SPC Business Consulting Ltd in 2007 to help businesses of all sizes get the most out of their performance. As a Six Sigma Black Belt, she brings a fresh and unique approach to Operations Consulting drawing on her 10 years of combined experience in law enforcement, government contracting, property management, customer service, non profit industry, and education.

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