The Social Media Cocktail Party

Being on every social media platform doesn’t make the woman, or her business – her interactions do.

There are literally hundreds of social media platforms out there.

If you type in ‘social media platforms list’ you will see that there are tons.  You think I’m kidding?  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Being successful at social media is not measured by how many platforms you have a username on, its measured by the interactions you are having and relationships you are creating within those platforms.

You will be far more successful by spending time to grow a few of your profiles and interacting, than if you spend time every day posting one sales pitch across a hundred networks.   That’s not what you would do in real life is it?

Think about it, you wouldn’t walk into a cocktail party and say “Hi, my name is so and so, I sell this, you should by it,”  shake their hand, and then walk over to the next person and repeat. At least I hope that’s not what you do at a party!  No, you walk up to someone introduce yourself, tell them a little about you as a person, then you ask them about themselves.  You would end with a question so you would get a response back from them.  You chat and you start to build a relationship, gain their trust and have a genuine conversation with them as a person, ask questions and then actually listen to their answers and respond.

Social media is like one big cocktail party!  Spend time talking to people, building the relationship, and find out about them so they will be curious and want to find out about you as well.  This is how to grow your networks and be able to build a foundation of quality relationships that will help you grow and expand in the land of social media.  You are much better off spending time on one or two platforms building your relationships than trying to be on all of them, but not actually being active.

It’s called “social” media for a reason.  Talk to people, interact, build and grow bonds with people and help grow your business without one single sales pitch. 😉

Ashley Nialetz

Ashley Nialetz is a Social Media Consultant and Virtual Assistant through her company and recently She is also a wife, mom of two, caffeine addict, customer service pro and superhero by night. She loves working with other women looking to start their own businesses and offers private mentoring programs. Prior to working in the in the virtual assistant world, she had 10+ years of experience in customer service and administrative management roles.

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