WAHM’s Conquering the World

Conquering the world isn’t an easy  job.

In the world of entrepreneurship there are endless possibilities in the type of work or business you may be running.  Many are home based and may even be internet based.  This allows us to be home, run our own schedule and take charge of our lives.  It also leaves the general public room to wonder what you do for work and in my own experience, if you really even work.

There seems to be this misconception that working from home is some sort of secret code for napping all day.  If that were the case I would likely be much less caffeine dependent and all of the laundry would be caught up at all times. However, that is not the case.  The reality is I work hard and do my best to schedule meetings and answer emails etc, while little ones are napping or out of the house and all before dinner time so I can be there for family time.

It has taken me a few years now to convince people, (even my own family) that I really am making a living, and that I’m damn good at what I do.  However, I haven’t let it get to me.  I just kept plugging along, and deal with the comments, or questions, answer them honestly.  Yes, once in a while (okay…alot) the dishes, or the laundry, or anything, has to wait because the kids are alseep and I need to get work done, and would like to sleep for a few minutes as well before the sun rises.  I promise you, it takes a special breed to be a Work at Home Mom and some days I question my own sanity, but its what we do.  We are good at it. Most of us think we can conquer the world, or at least I do, and often take on too much and have to remind myself that sadly the laundry isn’t going anywhere and it is ok to leave the folding for the next day after the project is completed, or website is done or product launch is done.  It will still be there, and so will I.

My house isn’t perfect, but it isn’t because I am lazy, its because I do my best to take care of my kids, play with them, make dinner, provide for them, make sure school projects are done and everyone is clean and asleep on time with backpacks packed for the next day. Then I need to answer 8 million emails, updates websites, send newsletters and tweet. :)

Ashley Nialetz

Ashley Nialetz is a Social Media Consultant and Virtual Assistant through her company www.FatPugTech.com and recently www.Shuteit.com. She is also a wife, mom of two, caffeine addict, customer service pro and superhero by night. She loves working with other women looking to start their own businesses and offers private mentoring programs. Prior to working in the in the virtual assistant world, she had 10+ years of experience in customer service and administrative management roles.

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    I can related to everything you wrote ! I have had “that” conversation with several people over the last few years…yes, I WORK at home. That is why there is a layer of dust covering every horizontal surface. And that is the reason I scramble to pick up the obvious clutter whenever someone pops-in. I wouldn’t change a thing, though.

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    I totally agree, I do the same thing all the time with the clutter! It’s hard but I love doing what I do…its just getting people to understand we aren’t hanging out eating chocolate all day 😉