Repurposing Content: It Works for Social Media, Too!

The life of a single tweet or Facebook post may be quite short, but they perhaps have more value than you realize.

As women in business, we are always “on”… and with social media it’s no different. Between LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, the newcomer Google+, and our blogs, we are sharing massive amounts of information on a regular basis.

But how do we make it work for us even more? Repurpose it.

I know most business woman are already savvy in repurposing content, but many are not yet repurposing the nuggets of knowledge they are sharing via social media, and the spectacular thing about this is that it can go both ways – from your blog to social media, and from social media to your blog.

Blog to Social Media

Repurposing blog posts for social sharing is actually quite easy and straightforward. It’s as simple as going through your blog regularly, pulling out good quotes and short tips, and posting them on your profiles. Always make sure to include a link back to the original blog post. Not only will this help provide fresh content for your various social media platforms, but with the link attached it will also help in driving traffic to your blog.

Social Media to Blog

With social media being integrated in so much of what we view online, we undoubtedly share many more things on our social media accounts than we realize. Just alone, there’s not enough meat or value to a single posting for your blog. But when you group together related topics, you can easily repurpose this content into compelling blog posts. Whether you compile a list of useful resources and craft a “best of” post, or group together a series of related thoughts and edit for flow, there’s so much that can be done to really make the most of your social media efforts. And don’t forget of course, sharing the blog post you created by repurposing the content.

What other ways have you found to repurpose your social media and blog content?

Hilary Brooks

Hilary Brooks is President, CEO of A Virtual Edge, a full-service virtual assistant company, and Owner of freelance web design company Small Biz Web Whiz. Hilary and her team offer a wide variety of services to busy entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, and bloggers, providing the office and creative support they need to succeed without all the hassles of hiring a traditional employee.

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