Why Have a Business Event?

There are many great reasons why a business should hold an event. The most obvious reason for your business to hold an event is that it will bring in more money than selling an e-book or other product on your website. It will also take less time.

An Ebook Example

For example, let’s say that you write an e-book based on the content that you currently have on your website or blog. You then pay a virtual assistant to put the e-book together or you choose to put it together yourself. Either way, you are paying for the time. Next, you have to edit the e-book and then adjust the formatting so it looks good. All of these steps take time and can cost you money.

Events Bring in More Money for Less Work

While I do believe that anyone who is expanding their business into products does need an e-book, the effort doesn’t stop there. Once you create an e-book, it is a good idea to expand the opportunity by holding a business event. After all, those events will bring in a lot more money for a lot less work.

There are many different types of events that you can hold so get creative. Giving a webinar is one way to sell your products. You can provide the webinar for free and then sell your e-book at the end. You can also charge a fee to attend the webinar.

Seminars are also great events that do not take a lot of planning, but can earn a decent amount of money for your business.

Do you hold business events? Leave a comment and share your thoughts and advice for other business women.


Silvia Pellegrini

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