Seminars: Women’s Networking

Should women use seminars to network and build their businesses?

I say YES for sure.  It’s one of the best investments that you can do for your online business.  

Always look at your decisions asmultiple streams of investments.  That’s how you’ll grow many roads to increasing your income.  Here’s what I mean:

I just spent five days at the Messenger Summit with 200 attendees and then jetted off to Florida for “Be The Change.”  Yes, you can get tired and it can get expensive when you add up hotel and flights, but events solve many of your problems if you choose the right ones.

Here’s the skinny on what’s
important to remember before investing your money in a seminar!

Know why are you are going to the event before you go.  

Too many people go to events without a plan and just trust the universe to show them WHY they are there. Although I believe in universal laws, it’s become clear to me that you’ve got to have strategies with “Universal Law,” not leave it to your destiny.

It’s not the BEST way to run your business. It’s true that synchronism is a powerful force in your business, but you’ll find that your LUCK will get better when you make a decision on what you want.
Don’t be afraid to dream with clarity and then be intentional with your time.

As a businesswoman, you do not want to run your business in the flow without a plan.  Operate coming froma place of desire, then allow your mind to spot the opportunities that show up before you.

Here’s what I mean: A  group of my colleges is doing a five-city speaking tour.  When we spoke, they shared that they were having challenges filling their Boston
seminar, and the manual labor was killing them.  

As we discussed what the solutions could be for them, we came up with finding an event promoter with heavy contacts in the Boston area.  
Here’s where the MIRACLE kicked in
 (or the result of being clear). One day after we spoke, we ran into each other, and they shared with me that they had already found TWO people who were willing to help them fill their next seminar.

The moral of the story is that once you are aware of what’s possible, you have a better chance of executing your plan.  Go to your next event with a plan.


Here’s how to benefit richly from

Go with a plan of who or what you want to receive

Be specific and open to find what you are looking for.

Be active when you arrive.

Do not hibernate in the corner.  Smile at people and walk up and introduce yourself to other people in the crowd. Sit in different areas among new personalities and invite people to share with you who they are. If you are afraid to talk to someone, that’s an indication that you should.

Stay hydrated and nourished.

Eat foods like vegetables and drink a lot of water.  This allows your body and mind to stay clear and receptive.  Every time you add sugar, carbs, or meat to your diet, your body redirects its focus toward digestion. Stay light and green! 

Look to help people.

I have always found that when I help people get what they want, they return the favor with such loyalty and strength.  You see, when you become valuable to people, they instinctually want to return the favor.  It’s a beautiful way to live and much more fun in the long run.

Finally—be OK with asking for and receiving help.

Your mission is important, and no one is going to run it better than you.  Make sure you are asking people what their business is and if their clients are being well- served.ASK if they want to partner.

When they say YES, then let them know about your perfectprogram that you would like to share with their TRIBE (or database).

If you are afraid, then that is an indication that your heart isn’t in serving—it’s in getting the money. That causes fear in the ASKING stage

of running your business. Put your attention on reaching as many people with your message and/or product as soon as possible, and by the art of cause and effect, you will become very wealthy in the process.

If you have any good pointers on how to make attending a seminar more beneficial for our readers, please leave a comment



Shanda Sumpter

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